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About us



Years ago we were just a couple of kids with a dream. Fast forward to now and you have two 30 year old men that have been best friends for almost two decades. We have been through just about everything together from high school shenanigans to serving in the United States Marine Corps together. Though we may not have always worked together, we have always supported each other in our obsession with watches. This obsession only grew over time and got to the point where we had to make a choice, live on the streets and have nice watches or, settle for cheaper watches and have a roof over our head. This is where the inspiration for Opulent came from. We decided that we would set a goal to provide exceptional watches at an affordable price and would not stop working to make that a reality. We did not want to provide cheap, nonfunctional pieces, instead we wanted to deliver something that would close the gap between affordable and luxury watches. Our vision is to allow everyone the opportunity to dress for success and most of all "look the part" of being successful....fake it til you make it, Right?? We are all destined to be great, why not look it on your journey? 

Since 2017 we have put in countless hours searching for manufacturers and sourcing the best quality parts and materials. We have fought to keep prices low and quality high and we have SUCCEEDED. 

Our journey has only just begun and we are excited to continue to serve all of our valued customers. Semper Fi